Late night on the train

Continuing the theme of late nights, there are enough of us at thee Social Apartment that more than likely someone you know is in the same district at the same time as you. This time after missing the train we were able to find other people in Shibuya in the same situation so there was no need to wait and catch the first train alone. Good deal!


Late night shopping

Ever leave the bar in the wee hours of the morning and need to run to the grocery store to resupply? We never go it alone at social apartment. There`s always someone up and willing to adventure no matter how late.



As you probably know the world cup has been occurring the last few weeks. This is a big deal at social apartment. Whether you`re Japanese or not, you`re Japanese when Japan plays.



This is again in the downstairs bathroom. It is one of the two sinks located in the room. Because there are few rooms on the first floor, there is always space in this room, even in the morning when everyone is getting ready.


shower power

As said before there are showers on each floor at Social Apartment. This is one of the first floor showers. They are located in the same room as the baths.


tubby time

This is one of the bathtubs at Social Apartment. The showers on each floor are very convenient, but sometimes it's nice to relax in a bath. The baths are located on the first floor.


another chill area

This is right next to the soto area at Social Apartment. It is a good place to wait for guests coming so you can be bear the front door. It's also a good quiet place to pass out if you can't make it all the way to the common room after a long night out. . .


Information station

In an earlier post we showed the white board in one of the common areas, this is another information station. Here things can be posted such as posters and the like. There is now a posting about a movie one of the residents is working on!



There is a place for every one's umbrellas in the soto area at Social Apartment. It's a small thing but it keeps you fro having to bring a wet umbrella into your room. It's also convenient if you're prone to forgetting to grab an umbrella until you see the rain.



In Japan there is Soto and Uchi (outside and inside). At social apartment this is where soto ends and uchi begins. It's inside, warm, and safe from rain, so I am more than happy to take my shoes off here.



There are many plants on display at Social Apartment. They add a very nice atmosphere. The plants are one of the many things are that make the building feel more like home.



There`s always a lot to do in Japan, but every once in a while you find yourself at home without plans. At Social Apartment this is when you simply go into the common and rally for a bar trip. It always results in a long night of fun!


Where your shoes live

Being that this is Japan, there are no outdoor shoes worn in the common areas at Social Apartment. This is where people are able to store their shoes after coming home. It may sound odd, but shoe changing in the front area has become a good way to mingle with people at the start and end of the day!



This is the DVD player in the workout room at Social Apartment. Having just a TV would be a bit useless, so we're all glad that it's here. It is mounted on the wall to there is no need to worry about hurting it while you workout.


TV while you work (or play)

This is a flat panel tv in the workout room. It's handy for playing dvds while you do yoga, etc. Also on party nights people play music while using the pingpong table for drinking games.



The exercise room at Social Apartment has yoga mats, dvds, and balls for anyone to use. As you can see there is also a large mirrored wall. There are also a few people living willing to be your practice partner!


Cleaning Suppries!

Every floor at Social Apartment has a stock of cleaning supplies. There are vacuums, mops, swiffer, etc. Having all this stuff available really helps cut down on start up costs in Japan!


Cosco ahoy!

Today`s Social Apartment adventure was to Costco. Organizing eleven or so people was not easy, buut it was very fun! We spent over 40000 en!!


Social Apartment Field Trip!

Often times Social Apartment tenants meet up hang out outside of the apartment. This day some of us went to a museum in Tokyo. When just arriving to a country it can be difficult to find people to do things with. Social Apartment makes it easy to find willing companions!



This is Maruetsu. It is the closest supermarket to the Social Apartment and has anything you may need. Best of all, it is only a five minute walk away!


It puts the Matsubara in Social Apartment Matsubara Danchi

This is Matsubara Staiton, about a seven minute walk from the apartment. From here it's only a fifteen minute ride to Kita-Senju. From there you can go anywhere in Tokyo easily!



If new skool systems like PS3 and Wii are a bit too much for you, you're in luck. There is also an N64 at Social Apartment with four controllers! The original Super Smash Brothers is bar far the most played game on this system.



Along with the PS2 mentioned in an earlier post, there is also a PlayStation 3 at the Social Apartment. The PS3 is hoked up to the wide screen and is available for all residents to use. It is one of the more popular past-times at the apartment!


Ping Pong!

There is a Ping Pong table in the Rec room at social apartment. This is a popular activity in Asia, there is never a shortage of people to play. Whether you're any good or not, it's a great way to socialize!


Going away Party!

There was a huge party at the social apartment for Orly last Friday. It is very sad whenever someone moves out, but we always have a party for them. Everyone had a really great time!


Last Day!

Hey Social Apartment, this is my last day in Japan for a while! I'm going back to America for the summer, but I cannot wait until September when I return! I've made so many wonderful friends here, thank you for everything!


Aerial Ace!

An image of Social Apartment taken from the balcony of my room. As you can see, there is a lot of greenery around the building! And what a beautiful day today was!



Recently one of the residents brought this wonderful item to the common room. It brightens all of the parties and keeps the kaisha-in on schedule! We all love it!


Cake...or what's left...

Food week continues! Tonight Social Apart resident Miyuki-chan made an absolutely delicious chocolate cake which she shared with the residents. It was so tasty that we were unable to take a picture of the cake before it was eaten!



Every room at the social apartment comes with a bed! It may not sound that exciting, but it is essential! They are comfortable and included in the rent.