THis is the last Blog post for a while. We'll leave you with a final group shot from the summer camping trip. We enjoyed you watching us!



The beach by the Social Apartment camp sight was amazing! There was surfing, sand fights, and a reenactment of Undokai. Undokai is a kind of sports practice that kids do in school. Our three story human pyramid failed miserably. . . but was fun!


Camp Fireworks

The camping trip last weekend was at a beach in Chiba. After dinner the first night there were fireworks. We packed up four cars with people and went out to see them.


Beach Camping!

There was another camping trip that involved 14 members of Social Apartment. Like any Japanese outing there was a ton of food involved. This picture is of the first night's dinner, including yakisoba, grilled veggies, and plenty of booze.


Summer Camping 2!

A week after camping in the mountains, 14 people from Social Apartment got together and went camping at the beach! It was amazing. We had a ton of fun, and all feel much closer now!


The setting

The river we camped at last weekend was surrounded by mountainous cliffs. The setting was amazing. It's the kind of place a foreigner isn't likely to find, so having Japanese friends through the apartment really came in handy!


More camping!

This is the man who's birthday inspired last weeks camping trip. As I said before it wasn't a Social Apartment exclusive, but had several people form the apartment and many others. It was a great chance to really connect with the people we live with and make new friends from other parts of Japan!