family meal!

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Food is one of the best international languages. As such group cooking and eating is one of the most common past times at Social Apartment Matsubara-danchi. Tonight one of the residents made Okonomiyaki for everyone, oishii!



Tonight there is a soccer game between Japan and the U.K. Since there are many soccer fans at the Social Apartment the game attracted a big crowd. Events like these are a great bonding chance for the entire house!




Each unit at the social apartment comes with a heat/ ac unit. They are mounted out of the way on the ceiling. Both the cold and heat from this unit are more than enough to keep the rooms at an ideal temp year round.




Here are the curtains which come with each room in the Social Apartment. Some rooms have this ivory color, where as some rooms have a dark charcoal color. The curtains are thick and do a great job blocking out the light.




Here is a chair courting a desk in Social Apartment. The desk is very spacious and is fantastic for doing work on it. It is also good for holding a TV and video game system, if that is your interst!




Here is a desk chair that is in each of the rooms in Social Apartment. They are really fun to race around the room, so long as you don't damage the goods. It is not advisable to take them off ramps!


Big Bureau


The rooms also have two large bureaus that are attached to each other. One of them as 4 drawers and 4 shelves. The other has an area for hangingers as well as 2 drawers at the bottom.


Little Bureau


This little guy is in every room at Social Apartment. It's nice because it has many little shelves in which you can put various knick knacks you have lying around. You could even use it to store your shoes if you wished!




This is a photo of one of the staircases in Social Apartment. There are two of them in the building, and they are painted a lovely teal-blue color. During the day, if you are training for a marathon, you can run up and down them!



This is one of the dresser units that comes with your Social Apartment. These come with the cheapest room available. Even though it is the least expensive, it comes with high quality furniture.



In the garden there are a bunch of lovely bamboo trees! They provide a wonderful atmosphere to the area that you might not be able find in central Tokyo at a guest house. It's the perfect accent to an evening meal outside!



Here is the DIY bar in Social Apartment. The bottles in the back are just for decoration, but residents are welcome to bring their own supplies and mix up some drinks on a weekend night! There are also a few bar chairs which are nice to sit on while you're having a drink.



Each of the rooms have the room number displayed like this. It goes along very well with the artsy feel the Social Apartment building has. These large numbers on the doors make it easy to find your friends' rooms!

All work and no play. . .

This is the hallway leading to the rooms at Social Apartment. Each room has its own lock. The doors and walls are remarkably soundproof, allowing people of all schedules to sleep the day or night away if they desire.



This is one of the sinks from the 2nd floor bathroom at Social Apartment. As you can see, the counter and the mirror are made from matching wood which compliments the room quite nicely. The sink area is always well kept and clean!


Meeting Board

This is the meeting board in the common room. Residents can fill out a small profile card with their interests, birthday and general information about themselves. It is a good way for people to get to know each other!


Brrr it's cold in there!

Every room in Social Apartment has a spacious half size fridge. If you are lucky, you can get one that's a sleek ebony color. Much larger than a standard mini fridge, the ones in Social Apartment are around 3 1/2 ft tall. There are also a few community refrigerators in the kitchen.



In the social apartment there is a white board. This is where anyone can post anything that is going on at the apartment or anywhere else in Tokyo that may be of interest. This weekend's event is a welcoming party to new tenants!



This is a photo of the patio taken from the second floor of Social Apartment. The way the building is shaped allows residents to see the beautiful outdoors area that is connected to the common room on the first floor. There are outdoors shoes beside the door for residents to wear when they wish to go out on the patio.



In the common room is a Darts board, if you're feeling up to the challenge! It's great if you're looking to save money while still wanting to have a fun night. Be careful though, this game is addicting!


Old School Gaming

Connected to the tv in the common room are several gaming systems. One is a Plastation 2 with two controllers. It's not uncommon to see residents breaking out their old PS1 and PS2 games for some classic fun.


In case you forgot your laptop!

There are many complimentary items for use by all the residents in the common at social apartment. Next to the wide screen TV is an Internet ready desktop computer. It is brand new, very fast, and everyone agrees that it makes our personal computers seem not as nice anymore!


No more coffeshops!

Social Apartment has a lovely dining area. You can enjoy a delicious home cooked meal here in the evening, or use the tables for studying during the day. They are also an excellent place to play board games!

Books ahoy!

Social Apartment has a wonderful bookshelf! It has everything from language textbooks, t0 Evangelion fanbooks to the newest Weekly Jump comics! It even has a Monopoly board!


Pool Table

The pool table is one of the resident's favorite features. Instead of spending lots of money at a bar, we can enjoy a fun game of pool with our fellow residents. It provides entertainment and bonding!


Bye Bye Kittens!

During Golden Week, tw0 0f the kittens went to a kind shelter, and two of the kittens found a home. The residents enjoyed their short stay, and we enjoyed playing with them. However, we are happy that they've moved on to the next journey of their lives.



In the common room there are many couches. This is where most people come to socialize. In this picture are people from Japan, America, and Brazil; coming together to have fun.


Kittens on the Patio

After finding the kittens, everyone worked together to care for them on the patio. Housemates were happy to spend time feeding and playing with the young kittens. It was a great bonding experience for many people!


The Tube

This giant HD flatscreen TV is the perfect addition to a night of light socializing on the weekends! It also works wonders on casual movie nights. Sharing is not a problem here, because we enjoy each other's interests.


Wii Commercial?

A few weeks after Social Guest was finished the staff hosted a party for all the new residents. Although it may look like the Nintendo Wii commercial, these are some of the residents having drinks and playing the Nintendo Wii that is availible for all residents. This sort of get together is now acommon on thinkg on weekend nights!


Kitten Smoothies!

Last evening outside Social Apartment, the residents found four small baby kittens! They were alone and hungry, so we gave them a box to sleep in outside and some food to nourish them. Social Apartment residents have contacted a local animal shelter to help them find a good home! Until then, we will enjoy playing with them on the patio!